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As the saying goes, “there’s a lid for every pot.” As such, every professional firm has its own character. So the question is, how best do we describe M. L. Lichtenberg & Associates, LLC? Are we the right fit for you?

We are an established Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm with several key areas of concentration. Most of our clients are headquartered in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Our clients are typically passionate about both seeking and getting value, especially when it comes to their accounting and tax needs.

Our Comprehensive Approach To Meeting Each of Our Clients At the Level of Their Needs

We believe here at M.L. Lichtenberg & Associates that our business clients require a comprehensive approach for them to derive true value from our tax, accounting and consulting services.  We divide each engagement into three components:

  1. Compliance,
  2. Historical/Financial Analysis, and
  3. Strategic and Management Consulting Services. 

By designing each engagement to include all areas, this allows us to understand the various aspects of your business and gain the needed knowledge to be able to respond to your questions and meaningfully assist you with your decisions. 

Access: We are a relatively small and intimate firm, by design. Accordingly, we are engineered so that our clients have nearly unfettered entrée to the professionals who are specifically dedicated to their business and individual needs. In today’s hectic world where many of us feel so isolated and divided by the very technologies that were initially intended to increase contact, our commitment to access creates a uniqueness that many organizations today simply do not subscribe to.

Focus: We are not for everyone. Our practice focuses its resources on what we refer to as our 3+1 Advantage. Primarily, M. L. Lichtenberg & Associates’ clients are in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, are start-ups to small to medium size companies (1 – 30 million in revenues), and fall within one of these categories:

  • Professional Service Firm (Legal and Medical/Dental Practices),
  • Restaurant Groups, single location restaurants, caterers and other food industry companies;
  • Rent-A-CFO Services;
  • plus Individual Tax & Estate Planning

We believe that less is more. By focusing only on these four specialized areas, we are better able to allocate our resources to service our clients’ needs.

It really can be this simple.

Perspective: To be understood and appreciated fully, everything must be put into its proper perspective. All things are not created equally. And as such, M. L. Lichtenberg & Associates is no exception. And similarly, we believe that every clients’ needs must be put into its proper vantage point, as well. Knowing how to service clients of a certain size, level of need and/or complexity is critical toward achieving the highest degree of success. Limiting services can prove to be deadly, while employing costly and substantial resources (often referred to as “overkill”) can be suffocating to a client’s budget and cash flow. Like a good recipe, we try to provide the perfect mixture of professional services and commonsense know-how, creating a welcomed sense of perspective that clients truly appreciate.

Transition: Making the right moves in business (and life) is critical, yet hard. We help you to determine when to zig and where to zag. We are your financial partners, in all respects. As such, we not only help you transition into our firm also from your existing solution (while recognizing that all change is challenging), but we are your long-term partner while moving from level-to-level within your own growth path. We help you evaluate and transition to more effective technologies, processes, controls and various management structures to achieve your goals and objectives. In sum, we help you “evolve,” successfully in every aspect of your financial and operational stage.

Balance: We believe people must achieve a sustainable level of balance in their personal and work lives to survive and flourish. Given the significant amount of time and energy many of us put into our businesses and finances, Marc Lichtenberg, CPA, and his dedicated team of professionals, believe that one must consciously engage in the discussion as to what this balance is for them. Along these lines, the strategy and tactics we incorporate to help you manage your time follow this philosophy. We partner with our clients by incorporating our winning methods to help them achieve the necessary equilibrium.

For more information and an individual consult, contact us.

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