Medical Professionals
M. L. Lichtenberg & Associates is a full-service CPA firm specializing in providing tax and accounting services to health care professionals and their practices in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.

Annually, our firm services many small and medium sized group practices including physicians, psychologists, dentists, and other health care practitioners.

Our clients are affiliated with the major hospitals in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area including, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Mercy Medical Center, Maryland General Hospital, University of Maryland Medical Center, Union Memorial Hospital, Saint Agnes Hospital, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Saint Joseph Medical Center, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Franklin Square Hospital Center, Northwest Hospital Center, Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Howard County General Hospital.

As tax specialists for health care professionals with combined work experience of several decades, we understand the specific issues that affect our clients.

Whether you are in training, a hospitalist or fully established in private practice, we can help you take advantage of the available tax deferral and reduction strategies and savings. We pride ourselves on providing the utmost in personalized service and positive results. 

Legal & Other Professional Service Firms

In today’s challenging economy, professional services firms and professional partnership managers face a variety of unique financial obstacles indigenous to their specific focus. We have the experience and knowledge to identify and address these needs. Conversely, all businesses face similar challenges. These range from incorporating and monitoring appropriate internal controls and processes, effectively managing people, analyzing operating efficiencies and expenses, identifying and assisting business owners with growth opportunities and the detail of execution properly monitoring collection and cash flow issues, etc. We force our business owners into these discussions on a regular basis.

As a professional services accounting firm, M. L. Lichtenberg & Associates, LLC well understands the challenges you face. Our professional services clients rely on us for industry knowledge and experience to help them identify, game plan and meet these important financial and non-financial objectives.

We provide a mutually agreed upon comprehensive package of professional services including accounting, tax and business advisory services as well as other services designed to address our clients’ compliance, historical/financial and strategic business and tax needs.

M. L. Lichtenberg & Associates, LLC serves a number of small and medium sized closely-held professional service businesses including law firms, title and mortgage companies, industry specific consultants, and professional corporation executives.

For more information and an individual consultation, contact us.

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