A quality CFO solution can put your company on track for growth. Unfortunately, many small businesses just can not afford the $100,000 minimum salary that the average full-time CFO commands today.

But there is an alternative to companies hiring full-time CFO’s. M. L. Lichtenberg & Associates, LLC’s Rent-A-CFO service may be a solution. We mutually identify various recurring (timely financial statement generation and analysis, various expense account analysis (change in health plan, liability insurance, telephone and internet providers, etc.), marketing plan development, implementation strategies and regular monitoring of results, etc.) and non-regular (acquisitions, owner exit strategies, new national and international market entry, new job position descriptions and hiring assistance, etc.) needs.

Is It Time To Rent-A-CFO? You are the founder/CEO of your own company. You built it from an idea and nurtured it through periods of resounding successes and maybe even a few stumbles. You have experienced the heights of excitement and the depths of frustration, and through it all there has been significant plain hard work. And now you have a business that really works and has great potential. What it also has is a major operating challenge that may now have reached the critical stage:

The Challenge...


EARLY STAGE GROWTH mode’s most pressing issue may be positioning itself to seek outside funding or to focus assets to facilitate the best possible utilization of its resources.


AN ANTICIPATED MANAGEMENT TRANSITION may be the goal for a successful family-owned business, perhaps caused by retirement or the desire to pursue personal interests outside the business.


IMPLEMENTING COST-EFFECTIVE POLICIES AND PROGRAMS to retain a highly trained staff whose loyalty is critical to continued success. How can you make it happen without losing the lean aggressiveness that got the business to where it is today?


THE COMPANY FIGHTING FOR SURVIVAL may need every hour of time it can spare to gain creditors’ and investors’ patience while it develops and implements a financial turnaround strategy.

Now What? Your financial management team consists of a small but capable staff and a bright young controller or manager with lots of education and potential but not a lot of experience. In many cases, the answer is, M. L. Lichtenberg & Associates, Rent-A-CFO solution.

Why another outside advisor? When you need financial information, counsel or action, you want it from your own CFO, from someone who knows your company better than your outside advisors do. So, when you sit down to discuss improving cash flow, your options to raise more money, or you chances of meeting the forecast, you do not have to give him a lot of background to get him up to speed. He knows it already because he is familiar with the factors due to regular involvement. Your banker calls him without hesitation to ask questions about your latest financial statement because your CFO speaks his language and knows your company. You are comfortable with that because he’s your CFO.

Whether to grow or to survive. At M. L. Lichtenberg & Associates, LLC, we firmly believe that a company with challenges to meet should always employ the best people they can afford. If the company doesn’t need 100% of a senior executive all the time, it should get the best talent it can afford for the amount of time he is needed. The simple economics of the cost of a full-time senior employee (compensation, benefits, often including equity and retirement) makes the Rent-A-CFO executive a great alternative.

It is all about value. The benefit of such a service is that he works with the CEO to identify the highest priority areas. These tasks then become his principal project list until the CEO changes it, either because of successful resolution or a more urgent need arising. In effect, a company enlists such services with an MBO-like mentality, with the intention of spending only as much on consulting fees as it needs to address its most pressing issues.

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