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Founded by Marc L. Lichtenberg with over 35 years of tax planning and accounting experience, ML Lichtenberg & Associates is a boutique firm by design. We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients, providing timely council to guide you through the ever-changing tax landscape. Our team of experienced professionals will take the time to provide the clarity you need. As your trusted advisors, our well-trained staff will work with you throughout the year to ensure that your financial goals become your financial reality.

Services We Provide

Below is an overview of our primary services.


ML Lichtenberg & Associates LLC provides individual income tax services delivered with a one-on-one approach which includes an open dialogue with you throughout the entire process. We work together to verify the accuracy and completeness of the return and to identify planning and proactive tax strategies. Our internal quality control process then includes a detail, technical and final review of your returns before delivery with additional dialogue when need be.

We provide an organizer in early January to assist you in gathering all the necessary documents and to help you identify new and or additional items to address. We utilize a two-way secure electronic portal for transmission of your tax items to us and for our delivery of your final tax return. Mail and in-person options are also available. Our personalized service, attention to your detail and strong tax knowledge set us apart. 


ML Lichtenberg & Associates LLC provides entity tax services (specializing in S Corporations & Partnerships) that are designed to go beyond tax return preparation. We work with you several times a year to assess the financial performance of your company, to employ tax reduction and deferral strategies, and determine cash flow needed to meet your tax obligations. During the year-end planning process, we also consider the impact of the business on your individual tax situation and can advise you of the amounts and timing of balances owing/refunds. We are available year-round to answer your questions.

An advantage of our model is that with our more frequent interactions we gain familiarity with your books and your operations. As a result, we gain insight helpful to you when you have questions or need to make decisions.   

ML Lichtenberg & Associates LLC provides preparation and planning services for estate, trust and gift tax returns. We consider the tax efficiency between the entity and beneficiaries, and collaborate with your attorney, financial advisor and other professionals when needed to meet the trust objectives. We also prepare gift tax returns.


A common definition of tax planning is looking at the current and subsequent year(s) to determine if there will be a material increase or decrease in taxable income year over year(s) and if so, to properly accelerate or defer income and or expenses to take advantage of lower tax bracket years when able. If your income is similar year over year (and also in years of large fluctuations in income), we identify, explain and execute with you both tax reduction and tax deferral strategies. Tax reduction strategies will result in us employing tried and true planning techniques that will generate deductions to reduce your tax burdens. Tax deferral strategies result in delaying tax burdens to future years.

During both year-end planning and tax preparation time while employing tax reduction and deferral strategies, we work together to determine accurate assumptions to prepare projections/forecasts of your current and next year’s tax obligations to set your expectations of amounts and timelines for your tax burdens. We also help you plan for major life occurrences, lifestyle changes, liquidating events and significant transactions by generating multi-year and multi-scenario tax projections.

Often times we work closely with your other advisors, taking a team approach, to insure we employ a comprehensive solution. We are available to work with your investment advisor/financial planner, estate attorney, pension administrators, life and disability insurance broker, etc., to assist with tax implications of your plan, as well as proactive strategies to help you meet all of your financial and life goals.

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